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How to learn foreign words
We are glad to introduce a simple and convenient app for your vocabulary building, wordlists managing and quiz taking

How to learn new words fast and effectively?

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How does it look like
I. Add new words
How does it work
III. Start learning
II. Create your wordlists
IV. Exercise regularly
Read books, watch videos, listen to songs. Look for new words, get the translation, save them for learning
  1. Flashcards- learn and memorize
  2. Dictation- spelling exercise
  3. Speaking- pronunciation practice
  4. Player- hands free learning
  5. Phrases- practice words in context
  6. Testing- progress tracking
Manage topics, make categories, set the covers to evoke assotiations. Keep your vocabulary at hand
The most effective repeating intervals: 20 minutes after the first approach, then 1 hour, 8 hours, 24 hours, one week, one month
Intelligent algorithms
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"I like that in My Words everything is at hand. I can practice pronunciation, learn words anywhere, anytime, even during a workout or before bedtime. I value efficiency"
is a programmer, preparing for an interview with a foreign company
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"Of course, the most effective way to study a language is to get into a native language environment. And the other most effective way is to watch movies, read books, listen to songs. I just add unfamiliar words and start learning when convenient"
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enjoys traveling and meeting new people, knows language, but chooses right words not fast enough
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